The architect’s conversion


作者:by Will Collins


出版社:Andrews UK Ltd



ISBN:978-1-78234-487-2 ; 1-78234-487-X


Reginald Pratt is an architect who lives an extremely bland existence
in the London suburbs with his mother and his cat. Reginald's
philosophy on architecture in particular and life in general, has been influenced by his late father, also an architect. Being mollycoddled by
Mum, and theorising about low cost social housing and architecture for
the people is no longer an option when Reginald loses his job, and is possibly about to lose his accommodation. His career abruptly changes
direction, and through a series of bizarre circumstances he finds
himself unintentionally jettisoned into the glitzy lifestyle of the French Riviera. For Reginald, life will never be the same.

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